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The parliamentary control of the compliance with human rights and freedoms of the citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic is performed by the Akyikatchy (Ombudsman)
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An address by the Kyrgyz Republic Akyikatchy (Ombudsman) Kubat Otorbaev
On 9th of October, 2022 the Akyikatchy of the Kyrgyz Republic Atyr Abdrakhmatova have met with the EU Special Representative for Central Asia Ms. Terhi Hakala.

The Ombudswoman informed the EU Special Representative about the cruel and inhuman actions of the military of Tajikistan against the peaceful population of the border villages of the Batken region, Kyrgyz Republic.

On 16th of September, Tajik troops used heavy military equipment (mortars and multiple rocket launchers) agiants peaceful civilians, destroyed vital infrastructure: schools, kindergartens, houses, pharmacies, medical aid stations, shops, power plants and water supply. What happened can't be called a provocation of third parties or the actions of unknown persons. Peaceful civilians of the border villages of the Batken region are living witnesses of the military aggression of the Tajik troops.

Terhi Hakala was informed about the monitoring of the observance of human rights by the Ombudsman Institute and the recording of violations of the rights of citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic who were forced to leave their homes due to the military attack of Tajikistan. Particular attention was paid to the manipulation of information carried out by officials of Tajikistan, attempts to discredit the peaceful, tolerant and friendly people of Kyrgyzstan in front of the world community and ordinary Tajiks.

All the conclusions of the Ombudsman Institute on the violation by Tajikistan of the fundamental principles of international law and guarantees of the supremacy of human rights, the obligation to resolve all political issues between states exclusively by peaceful means, enshrined in more than 12 international acts with photo evidence, were submitted to the Special Representative of the European Union.

Akyikatchy A. Abdrakhmatova turned to Mr. T. Hakala with a request to convey to all international institutions the real and objective situation that has developed on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border and urged the international community to support "the island of democracy" in Central Asia and condemn the cruel, inhuman actions, armed attacks and various provocations of Tajikistan, which is torture for ordinary peaceful population of Batken region.